The Georgia Guidestones

Given that eugenics does not receive the widespread public attention that it did in the 1900s, it is often easy to feel as if the eugenics movement is long dead. Contrary to popular  belief, there still exist a large number of proponents of eugenics across the country, despite the fact that they are not receiving recognition on a large scale.

One such example of the under-the-radar eugenics progress in more recent times is the Georgia Guidestones- a huge granite monument erected in Elbert County, Georgia. Commissioned in 1979 by a man under the pseudonym R.C. Christian, the tablets list ten guidelines for a “New World Order.” Specifically, it is commandment number two which deals with eugenics most directly: “Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.” Although a favorite topic of discussion for conspiracy theorists who claim that the Guidestones are the work of some variety of Masonic secret society, it cannot be denied that there is a group at work which support very heavily the principles of eugenics, and consider it a necessity in their ideal world order.

Further research into R.C. Christian’s work shows that he is the author of “Common Sense Renewed” a work which echoes the same basic ideals as those etched into the Guidestones. Most notably, he dedicates an entire chapter to “Guiding Human Reproduction.” His specific plan outlines a method such that the State will control human breeding in a way that human stock is improved and behavior can be selected for which is beneficial for the State itself.  This goes to show that eugenics is far from dead- it may not be at the forefront of politics today, but it is still very much a relevant topic in our society. Although the culture has changed since the heyday of the eugenics movement, it’s long-reaching principles are still fresh in the minds and hearts of those who support it today; these individuals are still striving to bring about the installation of a modern eugenics policy, and they believe that it is vital to the progression of the human race.

Some information about R.C. Christian and the Georgia Guidestones below:

Keep in mind that some of these links are opinion pieces and should be taken with a grain of salt.


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